What do I need to know about the Project Descriptor Elements in the LSA?

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The LSA, like the SPMs, HIC and PIT reports provide a lens into the entire region that is covered by the CoC.  To have the data for a project included within the region’s LSA report, each project must have all of the Project Descriptor Elements (PDEs) fields completed correctly.

For detailed information, view this HUD presentation that provides an overview of the key project descriptor elements that are required as well as an overview of how the various date fields associated with bed inventory should be updated within your HMIS.

Pay particular attention to the following elements that are detailed within the most recent HUD HMIS Data Standards:

  • Section 2.3 –  The Continuum of Care Code for the project location, (6 digits – 2 digit State code-XXX).
  • Section 2.4 – Project Type.
    • Make sure to respond “Yes” to “Is this a Continuum Project?” if the proejct is CoC funded and is to be included.  Only projects that have a positive value for this element will be included in the LSA report.
    • Only Emergency Shelter (ES), Safe Haven (SH), Transitional Housing (TH), Rapid Rehousing (RRH), and Permanent Supportive Housing (PSH) projects are included in the report.
  • Section 2.7 –  Bed and Unit Inventory Information.  Make sure to account for both the total number of beds and units while also separately accounting for the total number of beds and units that are being tracked in HMIS.
  • Section 2.8 – Additional Information – Ensure that all projects have a location assigned.
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