What project types are included in the LSA?

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What project types are included in the LSA?

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Project Types within the LSA
The LSA has expanded from AHAR and covers five project types – all residential:

  • Emergency Shelter (ES)
  • Safe Haven (SH)
  • Transitional Housing (TH)
  • Rapid Rehousing (RRH), and
  • Permanent Supportive Housing (PSH)

ES, SH, and TH data will be reported together as a single sheltered homelessness category and RRH and PSH data will each be reported separately.  As with AHAR, the LSA does not include VASH beds that are not in HMIS, SSVF, street outreach, homeless prevention, or supportive services only projects.

Household Types within the LSA
Within the project types, the LSA aligns with other HUD reporting and uses the following three household types:

  • Households of adults only (AO)
  • Households with at least one adult and one child (AC), and
  • Households of children only (CO)