Performance Management Tools and Scorecards

The annual HUD Notice of Funding Availability (NOFA) competition highlights the need for community leaders to ensure that available funds are allocated to high performing providers for the services that will have the most impact. 

performance monitoring and evaluation tools

Sample Performance Evaluation Scorecard for a Permanent Housing Project. Click for an introductory video.

The Performance Management Tools within the data warehouse perform a similar function as HUD’s Excel-based CoC Project Rating and Ranking Tool created to support the annual NOFA “rating and ranking” process. Unlike the Excel tool, the warehouse automates the creation of the Performance Evaluation Scorecards through integrations with Grant Inventory Worksheets and the automatic generation of all of the Annual Performance Reports (APRs) from which outcome results are pulled. This automation is a critical step forward as it enables community leaders to implement a practice of ongoing performance management.

Unlike annual performance monitoring, issues can be identified and addressed early on, high-performers can be recognized and their practices can be emulated, and resources can be reallocated as needed. Grantees are also provided full transparency throughout the year on their performance and can make adjustments as needed to perform better.

This ongoing feedback loop is a critical component for any region that seeks to become a high-performing community.  By managing performance (versus simply monitoring it) the region will be better positioned to reduce the extent of homelessness, minimize the time that people experience homelessness, and keep people housed.

How it Works…

The selection of the Performance Monitoring Criteria, and the point values attributed to each, are established with the aid of a suite of public-facing dashboards that provide full transparency to the process while protecting the confidentiality of the underlying client-level data.  The process and the tools used to support it are described in greater detail here.  Regions that currently monitor performance annually can take comfort that this automated process is backed with the ongoing guidance and support of Simtech staff.  By working together and leveraging these industry-proven tools, we will help to maximize the impact of every dollar coming into the community and be able to make better use of the data as a tool to help us address homelessness.

Click the button below to find step-by-step instructions on how to tailor the scorecards to support an outcome-oriented community process for the objective review, rating, ranking, and selection of project applications.

Step-By-Step Instructions