Since 2002, Simtech Solutions has worked with the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) to provide tools and guidance to communities in an effort to better quantify the extent of homelessness and to measure the efficacy of the work being done to end it. HomelessData can produce HUD mandated reports as well as additional reports in alignment with the needs of Continuums of Care (CoCs), homeless service providers, and the people we serve. See examples of our reports below.

HUD – SPM 1 – Total Length of Homelessness

HUD – SPM 2 – Return to Homelessness

HUD – SPM 3 – Number of Homeless Persons

HUD – SPM 4 – Employment and Income

HUD – SPM 5 – Number of Persons who Became Homeless for 1st Time

HUD – SPM 7 – Successful Housing Placement

Annual Performance Report

Overlapping Episodes Report

Data Quality Scorecard