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The By Name List functionality within can be used to find actively homeless clients within the region that meet the eligibility requirements for a housing opportunity and prioritize the resulting housing candidates according to the community’s prioritization model.  To access the By Name List, simply click on “Clients” in the left hand navigation bar.

Filtering the List for Eligible Clients
The image below demonstrates how filters can be applied to the By Name List within to sort out just the clients that are eligible for a housing opportunity.  In this case, the user is choosing to only display actively enrolled clients with a disabling condition, that are residing in temporary living situations.

Using the Sort Feature to Prioritize Clients
The column headers in the resulting list can be sorted simply by clicking on the column header.  Which option to click will depend on the community’s chosen prioritization model, which may vary based on the target population being served.  Options that are available to sort by include:

  • Temporary Length of Stay – This includes all nights accounted for in HMIS where the client resided in either emergency shelter, safe haven, or was contacted by street outreach staff.  With this approach, any nights that are unaccounted for in HMIS are not included.
  • Days Homeless with Self Report – This figure includes the total days of residence in emergency shelter, safe haven, or via contacts with street outreach that are accounted for in HMIS, plus the number of days according to the client’s self-report of “Date Homelessness Started”.
  • Days Since First Homelessness – This is the total period of time between a currently homeless client’s first enrollment in any emergency, safe haven, or street outreach project until today.  This approach includes every day between a person’s first time presenting as homeless and today.

Choosing a Prioritization Model
How the by name list is to be sorted and filtered depends on your community’s prioritization model, and the eligibility requirements for the particular housing unit that is coming online.  Simtech Solutions has authored a Review of the Tools and Techniques Used to Prioritize Clients for Limited Housing Resources to help your community choose an approach that works best for your specific needs and circumstances.

Finding the Individual or Family
The last two columns within the By Name List show the organization and project name where the individual or family was last seen.  Each region should maintain a directory containing the designated contact information for each project as this will help staff from different agencies to work together in finding and housing the top ranked candidate on the prioritization list.

Removing a Client from the List
Clients are automatically removed from the list once they are no longer actively enrolled in an emergency shelter, transitional housing, safe haven, or street outreach project.  To remove the client from the list, simply exit them in your HMIS and select the appropriate destination during the exit assessment.

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