Data Quality Tools

As more and more communities and funders are turning data into action and using data to drive decision making and strategy, monitoring and improving data quality is more important than ever. Good data quality provides a strong foundation for reporting, dashboards, rating and ranking, research, and analysis.

Within HomelessData, communities can access a suite of Data Quality reports to monitor and improve data as captured in HMIS. After a data set is uploaded, users can run reports within the warehouse for one or more organizations or projects, view summaries, and drill down to specific clients who need data updates.

HUD Data Quality Report

  • Detailed view of HUD-determined data elements
  • Part of the HUD Data Quality Framework, needed for the System Performance Measures

Data Quality Scorecard

  • Snapshot of Total persons served, counts of Services and Episodes measured against the number of beds available, and data quality measures for universal data elements

Overlapping Episodes

  • Counts and details of persons enrolled in multiple projects at the same time
  • Cleaning up this data helps improve the integrity of system performance reports like the LSA and SPMs, as well as program performance monitoring

Connect Data To Results

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