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Why does the LSA report require I send data back to October 1 2012?

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The rationale for this is that the LSA primarily reports on clients served within the reporting year, but the length of time measures include any day served or self-reported homeless in the 365-day period prior to the household’s last active date in the reporting period, plus any additional days homeless associated with an enrollment or self-reported period that is continuous with the end of the 365-day period, as far back as the client’s record extends without a break to the lookback stop date, which is currently set to October 1, 2012.

The LSA also includes returns data about people who were served within the homeless system and exited during the year prior to the reporting period, and in the year prior to that.  There is also a “Three Year Data Quality” section within the LSA report.

Guidance on how to confirm that the data within the warehouse is comprehensive and covers the entire reporting period can be found in this FAQ.