Toolsets to prepare for the NOFO

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Preparing for the NOFO

Evaluating how a CoC will score for the upcoming NOFO is intergral to the success of any city’s systemic efforts to end homelessness. Along with the unprecedented opportunity that the Unsheltered/Rural NOFO creates, having the right tools on hand is crucial for the expansion and renewal of any program.

Below are links to step-by-step guidance on how to use the Rating and Ranking Tools that are built into the data warehouse, links to System Performance Measures Dashboards, as well as a crosswalk document for how these tools coincide to create a competitive application for any CoC.

For additional reference there is also a link to the current Performance Section of the upcoming NOFO.

Crosswalk of the HUD NOFO Performance Questions and Simtech Dashboards:

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Free SPM Dashboards:

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Step-by-step guidance on using our Rating and Ranking Tools

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Performance Section excerpt from the NOFO

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