System Performance Measure Dashboards – Release Notes

08/18/2021 (Version 3.0):

  • The SPM dashboards have been updated with 2020 data provided by HUD.
  • Users can use the map-based interface to select their CoC.
  • Info icons were added to each chart to provide information on the source of the information. This includes links to the HUD System Performance Measure programming specifications.
  • The SPM2 dashboards were updated to allow for national results to be shared. The prior logic was totaling the percentages for each CoC.
  • The SPM3 dashboard was changed to display an area chart. The percentage of first-time homeless was also added as a tooltip.
  • The SPM4 dashboard was revised so that the y-axes for all charts are scaled from 0-100%.
  • All dashboards have been resized to better fill the screen.