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Why does the Point in Time report show fewer people than are actually in the family project?

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For families, HMIS requires that all members of a household has the same Household ID; that there is a head of household (HoH) assigned to each household; and, that each person has a relationship to that head of housing including the HoH him/herself. This is driven by the new definition for Chronically Homeless Family with Children, which according to page 30 of the 2016 HIC and PIT Guidance (found here), is “A family with children with an adult head of household (or if there is no adult in the family with children, a minor head of household) who meets all of the criteria for a chronically homeless individual, including a family with children whose composition has fluctuated while the head of household has been homeless.”

Therefore, the Relationship to Head of Household element must be completed to be counted. This element can be checked by opening up the Enrollment.csv table and looking at the RelationshipToHoH column (column F).  For each unique HouseholdID (column E) there should be one record with a RelationshipToHoH with the value of 1 (for “self”).  Alternatively, users of ETO can run a Data Validations Report by following the instructions found here.