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Where is the data on the landing page in coming from?

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The Region Overview tab shows data from and APR and several System Performance Measure reports. To provide insight into how a region is doing on key metrics, Simtech Solutions automatically runs these reports in the background each time any new data for any project in the region is uploaded to HD.

The reports are always run over the past year and the results of the reports, the CSV files that are uploaded to SAGE, are used to generate these dashboard components:


The data in the upper left quadrant comes is based on the following:

  • The Total Persons, Persons in ES, Persons in SH, Persons in TH, all come from SPM 3, which includes both individuals and families, and it’s the total number over the course of the past year.
  • The Avg Length of Time Homeless in ES, TH comes from SPM 1, which includes both individuals and families, and that includes people active in the past year, but using data going as far back as October 1st 2012 (when available).
  • The % of Successful Exits to Perm Housing comes from SPM 7b.1, which includes both individuals and families, and is over the past year as well.

The Race/Veteran bar char uses the most recent Census Data (in green) and compares it to Q12 from the APR for Race, and Q5a, Row 10 for Veterans. Again this APR is run for a period of one year, ending on the most recent date data was uploaded.

The Data Availability tab shows how current the data is for each project with data in the region.