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What data is being reviewed in the SPMs and how can I prepare it?

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Like all of the HMIS reports, the System Performance Measures rely on complete and accurate data. Each of the reports uses data from different project types, and while most look at just the most recent reporting year, a couple of them rely on a 2-year lookback of the data. Therefore, it is a good idea to review the data, based on project type for all the years that are included in the reports:  FY2015, FY2016 & FY2017.

From HMIS you will be looking for the following information:

  • Unduplicated Persons Served (HMIS)
  • Total Leavers (HMIS)
  • Destination of Don’t Know, Refused or Missing (HMIS)

This information can be obtained by running the HUD Data Quality Report and running it for each of the project types for each of the years.

You will select the report and enter all the reporting parameters then filter by project type to get what is needed:

The number of Unduplicated Persons Served and the Number of Total Leavers are both found in Q1 – Persons Served:

The Destination of Don’t Know, Refused or Missing can be found as the Error Count on Q4.