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How do I run a Housing Inventory Chart in HomelessData?

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< Back can generate a Housing Inventory Chart (HIC)  report that is compliant with the guidance found within the 2018 HUD Housing Inventory Chart (HIC) and Point in Time (PIT) Data Collection Notice. The report can be run over the entire data set for a region to generate an accurate report.  As long as all of the project descriptor elements are set up correctly, the reporting logic will group projects by project type and will only include the projects that are relevant to the report.  More information about Project Descriptor Elements can be found here.

To generate a Housing Inventory Chart, you will need to first log into HomelessData and, if you haven’t done so already, upload the data that you want to run the report over. To produce the report, simply select “Reports” from the Navigation panel, click “New” to bring up the Report menu, and select the Housing Inventory Chart.


This brings up a screen to define the report selection criteria. Choose the date of the Point in Time Count for the date to run the report as of and then select all of the organizations that you want to be included in the report. If you wish to include every project in your data set then you can ignore the “Project” selection but if you wish to have any of the projects excluded from the report then you will need to select the ones that you do wish to include.  Click “Run Report” and the report will be generated

The report sorts the projects by project type and by name. The image below is an excerpt from the first page of a sample Housing Inventory Chart which shows the inventory for emergency shelter projects. Other project types are shown on subsequent pages.