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Simtech Solutions will grant designated Administrators the ability to manage user accounts for the Data Source(s) or organization which the administrator has access to. A Data Source is an instance of a HMIS software and can contain data for multiple regions, a single region, or data for a single organization. HomelessData assigns Organizations as related to a Data Source because organizations can operate in multiple regions and use more than one instance of HMIS software. Data Source Administrators can only grant user permission to the data that is in their data source. Organization Administrators can grant user permission to all data sources for that organization.

If a user needs to have an account created then he or she should contact the designated Administrator to request an account. If you are unsure of whom the designated Administrator is for your Data Source or Data Mart please contact us and we will make the connection.

Simtech Solutions will create users accounts for vendors that are using for testing and demonstration purposes and will also create or manage user accounts on a limited basis when requested by an Administrator for a Data Source or Organization.

Once a user has been given an account, they will be sent an email and will be taken to this screen. After entering an email address and clicking “forgot password,” an email will be sent, allowing the user to set their own password.