Toledo Lucas County Homelessness

Performance Dashboards

The dashboards present information for providers and the public on the Toledo Lucas County Homelessness’ projects, clients, and systems. Each dashboard displays a different lens into the data and should be used with knowledge of the dashboard’s design to best understand the issue of homelessness in the Toledo/Lucas County Continuum of Care.

System Performance Measures
  • Annual metrics based on HUD’s SPMs
  • Best for broad, entire system performance monitoring
  • Allows for year-to-year trend analysis
  • Navigate to Toledo/Lucas County CoC (OH-501) to see our CoC’s data
Project Performance Dashboard
  • A visual representation of HUD Annual Performance Reports
  • Best for peer-to-peer program evaluation of projects
  • Data is unique to the project level; a client may be enrolled in multiple projects
Community Performance Dashboard
  • Best for looking at overview of community of clients
  • Customizable time range
  • De-duplicated client counts