• Entries and Exits: Changed charts from bubble charts to bar graphs.
  • People Served: Remove “Household Type” filters from all charts except for Quarterly System Usage. Filter has been moved to show that it is now only relevant to this chart.


  • All Dashboards updated for Q2 2019.


  • Overview: Add previously missing “Project Type” filter to the Exit Destinations chart


  • People Served: Correction made to the number of beds displayed in the Quarterly System Usage chart. The number of beds is no longer based on the HIC report; instead the number of beds is a count of year-round beds that were active during the reporting period.
  • People Served: Updates have been made to the Quarterly System Usage chart. A new filter has been added that allows users to toggle between displaying the count of clients served and households served on the relevant quarterly point in time date. Toggling between households and clients will also change the inventory information that is displayed. For households the number of units active during the reporting period will be displayed, and for clients the number of beds active during the reporting period will be displayed.


  • People Served: Correct the default project type filter to not only include permanent housing type projects.


  • All Dashboards have been updated to include a “Geocode” filter.


  • Geocode filters updated to include the region’s name.
  • Entries and Exits: Add ability to group destinations by their status as a positive exit destination.


  • SPM: Dashboard has been updated to include 2018 data and update style and formatting.


  • Data for all dashboards has been rerun and updated to include Q3 2019.
  • Improvements made to the new inventory information logic from 08/01/2019.


  • Data for all dashboards has been rerun and updated to include Q4 2019.
  • New projects have also been added to the dashboards.