Demo County Homelessness

Performance Dashboards

The dashboards present information for providers and the public on the Demo County Homelessness’ projects, clients, and systems. Each dashboard displays a different lens into the data and should be used with knowledge of the dashboard’s design to best understand the issue of homelessness in the Demo County Continuum of Care.

System Performance Measures
  • Annual metrics based on HUD’s SPMs
  • Best for broad, entire system performance monitoring
  • Allows for year-to-year trend analysis
  • Navigate to Demo County CoC to see the data
Project Performance Dashboard
  • A visual representation of HUD Annual Performance Reports
  • Best for peer-to-peer program evaluation of projects
  • Data is unique to the project level; a client may be enrolled in multiple projects
Community Performance Dashboard
  • Best for looking at overview of community of clients
  • Customizable time range
  • De-duplicated client counts