Coordinated Entry is a HUD-mandated process which ensures that communities have a responsive homelessness response system that is easy for people to access, that it identifies and assesses their needs, and makes prioritization decisions based upon their needs.

More information on the requirements from HUD, as well as guidance on how to adhere to these requirements, can be found on the HUD Exchange.

Simtech Solutions recognizes that each community is different and that some may have difficulty with adhering to the HUD requirements using solely what is available to them in HMIS.  In order to fill the gaps, we utilize a framework based approach to meet the nuanced needs and requirements of each region.  The “Rethinking the Homelessness Response Framework” paper was written as a guide for any community that is having difficulty with their coordinated entry implementation.

To go along with this paper, we have written these FAQs…

homeless response framework