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HUD published the updated Notice CPD-18-08: 2019 HIC and PIT Data Collection for CoC and ESG Programs which includes these key updates to the HIC:

HIC Changes

  • For CoCs with CoC-funded Joint Transitional Housing (TH) and Rapid Re-housing (RRH) projects, the CoC must enter a separate TH and RRH project on the HIC. Inventory reported under each project should reflect the inventory in use on the night of the count. To indicate that these are Joint TH and RRH grants, CoCs must select both the HUD: CoC – Transitional Housing and HUD: CoC – Rapid Re-Housing funding source options in response to the HUD McKinney-Vento Funded question for each project.
  • Under the Inventory Type section of the HIC, HUD no longer distinguishes new inventory from current inventory. CoCs now report their data as either current (i.e., all inventory that is in operation on the night of the CoC’s PIT count) or under development (i.e., all inventory that is projected, but not in operation during the PIT count).
  • CoCs will report their HMIS participation based on the entire project. Either the project completely participates in HMIS or it does not. If part of a project’s inventory participates in HMIS and another part does not, it should be split into two projects, one representing the inventory participating in HMIS and one representing the inventory not participating in HMIS.
  • HUD is requiring CoCs to include the HMIS Project ID to all projects on the HIC. Currently, HMIS Project ID is only required for CoCs that upload the HIC.
  • CoCs will no longer report their VA-funded Compensated Work Therapy, Transitional Residence (CWT/TR) grants in the HIC. With this exclusion, persons in CWT/TR projects will also be excluded from the sheltered PIT count.
  • CoCs will no longer report on Target Population A to HUD. HUD is renaming what was “Target Population B” as “Target Population.”
  • HUD is clarifying that the Housing Type designation should apply to the entire project. A project must be completely “site based/single site,” “site based/clustered site,” or “tenant-based/scattered site.” If part of a project’s inventory is site based in a single location and other part is tenant-based vouchers, it should be split into two projects, one representing the “site based/single site” inventory and the other representing the “tenant based/scattered site” inventory. For emergency shelter, the Housing Typeselected should be consistent with the Bed Type.
  • Sponsor-based Rental Assistance (SBRA) can operate like Tenant Based Rental Assistance (TBRA) or Project-based Rental Assistance (PBRA), which has caused some confusion about whether these projects are required to add an address. HUD is clarifying that an address is required for all projects that function like either of the two “site-based” housing types listed in the bullet above.
  • While Victim Service Providers (VSP) are exempted from providing address information in the HIC, HUD encourages providers to enter a zip code associated with the project.
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