Do I need to track Client Location in HMIS as well as the other universal elements?

Yes! The LSA report assesses the number of people that were enrolled in projects within the CoC during the reporting period but one key way that it is different than the AHAR report, is that is looks at client location, specifically section 3.16. 

Section 3.16 - Client Location - This is also the CoC Code but for the client at the enrollment level. Generally, the client location and the CoC Code at the project level are the same. Both fields need to be included, and the most recent enrollment must be within the CoC to be included in the report. By running the data quality reports in, an administrator can identify and address all of the data issues that impact the report.

More information about this data element can be found on pg 54 of the HMIS Data Standards Manual.


The report also assess the quality of the HMIS universal data elements.