What does the "Data as of  (date)" mean and how is it calculated?

The "Data as of Date" is shown in the header of all reports from HomelessData.com and is used to show how fresh the data set is that was reported over. To determine the "Data As of Date", the system takes all the projects included in the report, and calculates the most recent date data was uploaded per project. It then displays the oldest date of those.

In the scenario below, there are three projects. Since one of these projects was not included in the two most recent updates, then the most recent upload date for that project would be 6/19. Since that is the oldest date, that will be the date displayed as the "Data As Of" date.


Project A 6/19 6/25 6/26 6/26 Latest Import Date
Project B 6/25 6/26 6/26  
Project C 6/19 6/19  
Data As Of Date 6/19